Faces: The Father of Our Country vs. the King of Con. They Only Look Alike.

Put a ruffled shirt on the man on the right, an axe in his hand and a cherry tree in his backyard, and you might even be persuaded to cross the Delaware with this guy—yes, even in the dead of winter, and in a leaky boat no less.

Barring a boat ride across the Delaware, how about trusting this same face with a cool million… or two? That might just be the real reason that so many people of otherwise reasoned intelligence and investment savvy entrusted this King of Con with their champagne promises and caviar dreams.  Were they, in fact, thinking of George––and not Bernie––when they looked trustingly into the face of the man who would make the namesake of the Ponzi scheme, Charles Ponzi, look like a two-bit thug?   Just as intriguing, did Bernie Madoff actually know this … was he that good?

Well, it’s a theory anyway.  The subject of Madoff and how he “made off” with millions of other people’s money has already been discusssed, dissected, and deliberated beyond the attention span of most Americans (and the lessons as quickly lost), but I thought it fascinating to note this amazing likeness.

If nothing else, this blog posting could start a whole new internet discussion: Was George Jewish?

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